"Since falling in love with each other and becoming Twin Flame Matchmakers, we've dreamt of creating a soulful experience that would quickly transform the lives of badass spiritual single women who are ready to align with their Twin Flame Union.

We also wanted to make it fun, magical, and pleasurable...while delivering real results.

So, at Twin Flames Live, we will be sharing all the tools and support smart conscious women need need to call in their Twin Flame at light speed--with no online dating required!

Dr. Amanda will be helping women step into their Divine Feminine power and pleasure, while Jack will be helping align the Divine Masculine pieces.

Together, we'll blast open your Twin Flame heart, while having a blast!"

• Release Your Love Blocks

• Become Magnetic to Your Ultimate Beloved

• Call in Your Twin Flame From Your Feminine Power

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Step Into Unstoppable Self-Love


Awaken Your Twin Flame Energy

Attract Your Ultimate Beloved

As a badass spiritual bachelorette, do you find yourself:

    Looking at your love life thinking, “Where in the world is my Beloved??!” even though you've scoured the globe and searched every dating site?

    • Convincing yourself that you're happy being single when you are deeply craving your beloved on a soul level 

    • Frustrated with old patterns where you love someone else more than they love you, and you sit at home waiting for them to commit to you, but they never do? 

    • Yearning to be fully met by a partner energetically, emotionally, and erotically so you can continue your life's mission and/or start a family?

    • Settling for less, the comfortable lovers who seem “good enough,” but you KNOW none of which are your Twin Flame?
    Happening Live From The Comfort of Your Own Home on June 10, 2022
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    We say, “Enough with settling...or waiting...or doing endless online dating!”

    You want to show up as the beautiful, powerful and loving woman you are and actually receive what you desire...

    You deserve a beloved who is powerful, confident, sexy, conscious, and committed...Not just someone you lust after, or someone you settle for!

    (a $3,333 value!)

    Identify and Bust Your Twin Flame Love Blocks 6-Module Home Learning Program...

    We have created this 6-week intensive training course to help you quickly identify your Twin Flame Love Blocks, so that you can bust them and call in your Twin Flame. The course will be hosted in a private membership area that you can access 24-7 with access to our closed private Facebook group for sister support. 

    MODULE 1
    0-1st Chakras - Foundational Chakra Grounding
    • Learn 5 key principles of the Twin Flame Theory so you can avoid kissing frogs--those Karmic Soulmates and Twin Flame Counterfeits.
    •  Discover what’s truly stopping your Twin Flame attraction using our 11 Twin Flame Chakra Clearing System. 
    • Identify your Foundational Chakra Blocks that stop you from feeling safe and grounded.
    MODULE 2
    2nd Chakra – Emotional Baggage Drop-Off
    • Identify your core emotional patterns that call in emotionally unavailable, unconscious partners.
    • Scan your wombspace - the 2nd chakra - for the 3 most common sexual shame blocks. 
    • Participate in a clearing to heal your mother wounds. 
    • Get the #1 secret to awakening your radiant goddess sacred sexuality!
    • Learn our Orgasmic Manifestation Technique to call in what you desire.
    MODULE 3
    3rd Chakra – Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem
    • Learn the top 3 causes of low self-esteem that infect 96% of women, and what you can do to resolve them.
    •  Uncover where your self-worth blocks are sabotaging your Twin Flame attraction process, and what you can do to skyrocket your self-esteem
    •  Learn to identify the Father Wounds holding you back from feeling worthy of Twin Flame Love. 
    • Get this instant confidence-boosting secret to help receive your deepest desires and get men to worship you like a goddess!
    MODULE 4
    4th Chakra – From Heartbreak To HeartBreakthroughs!
    • Identify the 4 most common invisible heart chakra blocks that attract Twin Flame Counterfeits.
    • Phantom Marriage - Learn how to tell if you have an ex partnership that's holding you back from calling in your one true Twin Flame, and what to do to clear the karma.
    • Discover this hot tip to go from having a broken heart to an attractive heart-broken-OPEN!
    5-6th Chakras – Unleash Your Magnetic Goddess
    •  See where your throat chakra is blocked--where you aren't calling in everything you deserve with confidence and pleasure. 
    • Grab our killer tip that instantly clears doubt and negative self-talk. 
    • Get the #1 secret to conscious flirting that truly works!
    • Using the 'Rejeculation Scale,' determine if you're being too picky, or if you're actually settling for less in the Love Department. 
    7-11th Chakras – Clear The Way For Twin Flame Matchmaking!
    • Know your Twin Flame Big Why
    •  Start clearing your 3 love blocks from the 22 most common Twin Flame Love Blocks.
    • Learn a foolproof technique to tell if someone is your true Twin Flame vs. a Karmic Soulmate or Counterfeit.
    • Participate in a meditation to awaken the Transpersonal chakras that must be cleared before your Twin Flame Reunion.
    • Learn to manifest your Twin Flame

    All in all, you’re getting more than 8 hours of empowering, confidence building instruction that will change your vibration and clarity and maximize your ability to bring in your Twin Flame! Each module is 60-90 minutes long, so you can easily fit the incredible information into your week

    (a $3,333 value!)

    BONUS #2: Let Go Let Love

    Welcome to Let Go, Let Love! 6 Weeks to Clearing All Karma With Twin Flame Runners and False Flames. This is for you if you are ready to call in true, deep, divine surrendered love, and yet you have been calling in unrequited love, unavailable partners, or those who can’t meet you on the level you desire… Not anymore!

    In this value-packed course, you’ll dive into the new beloved you are by passing through 6 rich and deep individual modules that include: 6 video content training modules, weekly “funwork,” and mini quizzes to help you stay on track and apply what you learn. You’ll also be given a PDF that includes special tips and information about the content, to supplement your learning!

    This course will assist you in awakening to what is real, and you’ll set free the rest. Perhaps you’re ready to drop an unhealthy story, a history with an ex, a pattern from a childhood experience, or a limiting belief about how men or money can love you….
    You will release your exes, call your power back from your past, clear your DNA and participate in Dr. Amanda’s Guided Meditation to Clear Out Your Sacred Chalice of Past Lovers, and create a true Divine Love resurrection!

    (a $2,222 value!)
    BONUS #3: Twin Flame Self-Love Bootcamp

    Twin Flame Self-Love Bootcamp is a 3-part online workshop to reboot your love life and become the woman you're meant to be. It comes with 3 self-love bootcamp video trainings.

    In this amazing program, you will learn how to...

    • Grow to become the perfect match for “the list” of what you’re looking for in a partner
    • Turn abandonment into an abundance of love, so you never have to worry about being left again!
    • Assist in the awakening of humanity by embodying unconditional love
    • Turn abandonment into an abundance of love, so you never have to worry about being left for another woman again!
    • Alchemize your pain into pleasure, coming from self-love
    • Shift into alignment with your Higher Self

    (a $3,333 value!)

    BONUS #4: One Complimentary Ticket To Twin Flames Live

    Register for the Early Bird Special and you'll get to gift a sister-friend as your guest to make the journey more powerful and supportive.

    ($1,333 value)
    BONUS #5: 12 Full Moon Ritual + Replays

    Every month, join us live on the full moon to get Twin Flame activated with full moon energy, cacao rose magic, + sisterhood!

    $1,111  or  12 x $111
    (a $7,000+ value!)
    Here Are the Frequently Asked Questions About Twin Flames Live:

    What if you're not single and/or in pain, but you still want to find and align with your divine life partner anyway? 
    - That's completely fine! We have many women sign up who aren't necessarily single or in pain, but still want to magnetize more love, chemistry, and pleasure.

    Is it really worth the time, energy, and investment to come? 
    - Only you can decide that, but given what we know and what past clients are saying, we can safely say that this will be a life-changing workshop so we HIGHLY recommend you do everything in your power to be there! We imagine you would feel terrible if you missed it and then see the other Twin Flame ladies rock it and soar and you are left behind. We've been in that position in the past, there is no fun in that!

    Will TFL be recorded?
    - Yes it will, and we will email you the recording links after the event  for you to listen to and keep!  Note that we may not record all event activities if they contain confidential guest information.

    Where is the event located?  
    - Currently, Twin Flames Live is a virtual experience done from the comfort of your own home. This, it is “located” wherever you can find an Internet (or phone) connection!

    Is the event going to be a pitch fest? 
    - Absolutely not. Amanda is the main speaker and she is committed to making it a transformative experience.  Jack is holding the space of the masculine and will be there for support and miracle-manifestation!

    Will I have the chance to interact with Dr. Amanda Noelle + Jack?
    - YES. Twin Flames Live is a highly interactive event combining in-depth trainings, 'hands-on' experiences, laser coaching, group shares and connecting. Amanda and Jack are known for their ability to instantly cut through confusion to get to the heart and soul of your desire, and they're committed to doing as much laser coaching as possible throughout the event. These days, it costs thousands of dollars a day to work with Amanda and Jack--and you get to spend 3 days learning from them at a fraction of the cost. And they'll both be available during the event for a chat... and for virtual hugs anytime you see them :)

    What is included with my general admissions ticket? 
    - Access to all general sessions of the event and all course materials.

    When and where is the virtual retreat? 
    - Twin Flames Live happens LIVE online from the comfort of your own home via Zoom video livestream. 

    Can I bring a friend?
    - Yes--in fact, we highly recommend it. That’s why, if you sign up today we'll throw in a second complimentary ticket!  

    What's the dress code?
    - Comfortable priestess style. We recommend expressing your own unique style such as adding flowers to your hair, some glitter, or whatever makes you feel like a queen!

    What is your refund policy?
    - Due to the digital nature of this online experience there are no refunds allowed.

    What happens if I have to cancel? 
    - If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us at Twin Flames Live, then you can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place.  

    “OMG, remember when you had me do that coaching exercise, making a list of what I wanted in a Divine partner? Well, he’s all that! I was single for 14 years before this, I really can’t believe it. I am enjoying myself in a totally different way. It’s amazing, you read my past lives in Egypt so clearly. Well, James calls me his Egyptian Goddess Queen! I swear he even looks like a pharaoh—nose shape, and head—it trips me out sometimes! I have to show you that list I wrote with you, he’s everything I asked for. We went to Carmel for the weekend, Friday was his birthday. It was amazing! I have never laughed so much and made someone else laugh in return; and our conversations are so in depth. Lots of love and gratitude for your unbelievable coaching!”
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    Nikki, Wine Sales Executive, Oakland, California

    "I am honestly the happiest I have ever been. I painfully cleared away a very toxic relationship (false twin flame) by clearing out a abuse cycle that I have been living out since I was a little girls. I have had lots of very deep insights and cleared out a lot of old childhood beliefs and traumas. Had two very powerful ceremonies; a divine divorce and calling of my twin flame. 

    Almost immediately- my soon to be ex-husband wanted to talk about moving our divorce forward respectfully, after 10 months of no movement.

    After my twin flame ceremony, I found wonderful deep unconditional love with a childhood friend who I have been separate from for 26 years. We are so in love! 

    Most important I have gotten a lot more confident in myself and my gifts. I definitely living more blissfully, all why doing what I need to do to clear away the negative people and things that have been weighing me down. 

    I am in a "cleaning up the debris phase". Once I am done here I can move onto the "rebuilding my divine blissful life" phase.” 

    Jennifer, Marketing Specialist, New York

    "Before I went to Aphrodite University, I was just single for a long time and if anything I was in 2 relationships and it just manifested into such a negative thing which is just a negative experience, lots of verbal abuse, there was no balance and things in that nature. After that I just stayed single .

    Once I went to Aphrodite University where's the main thing, the main key is of course self love, I started doing healing myself soon after I went to the retreat everything happened so fast I wasn't even looking for my beloved he kinda showed up and he happened to be in front of me the whole time that's was so crazy he was with me right I knew of him for 3 years before we even connected so that that was crazy and then everything of course happened soon after were reconnected and now we have a daughter and we have our matrimony and now we’re in this new interesting journey together which I’m just grateful.

    The funny thing is as soon as we connected, probably 2 or 3 months later I became pregnant, I had Rose when I was 44 and the only problem I had was swollen feet.

    I’m just grateful!"


    Join this powerful community of amazing women (and Jack, our Divine Masculine Flame Holder!), and get ready to boost your confidence, enlighten your spirit and ignite your radiance so you start to attract the magical Twin Flame partnership and life of your dreams...

    We look forward to sharing our best secrets and miracle magic with you!

    Here’s to your radiance and “Twin Flame” success!

    Waves of Twin Flame Love, 

    Dr. Amanda + Jack

    Copyright 2021 | Twin Flames International LLC